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Jelly and Gummy

American Hard Gums

Large sugar coated fruit gums

Blackberry and Raspberry Jellies

Yummy Fruity Raspberry and blackberry jelly sweets. Summer, Summer, Summertime.

Cherry Lips by Squirrel

A classic retro sweet from Squirrel reminiscent of Floral Gems, but with a distinctive cherry flavour. They`re small,fairly hard, with a scented flavour. Love them or hate them.

Cola Bottles

Jelly Cola Bottles, straight from the 80's. Cola flavoured gum in the shape of a bottle. Such fun.

Dew Drops

A firm favourite from olly mixtures. Mini sugar coated fruit flavoured drops fit for a princess.

Floral Gums by Squirrel

Retro Sweet. Floral Gums by Squirrel are little hard gums that are gently scented. Love them or hate them!!

Fruit Jellies

Sugar coated Fruit Jellies are very soft and very fruity. Absolutely gorgeous.

Fruit Salad Gums

Soft Fruit Salad Gums in fruit shapes and believe it or not fruity flavoured.

Fruit Salad Gums by Lions

Fruit Salad Gums by Lions are a very hard, chewy individually fruit flavoured and shaped gum.

Giant Strawberries

Tasty giant strawberry shaped and strawberry flavoured jelly chewy sweets.

Gummy Bears

Gummy Teddy Bears Jelly fruit flavoured. So sweet!!

Jelly Babies Dusted

Quality soft dusted fruit flavoured jelly sweets in the shape of a baby. Do you bite the head or feet first?? They are so sweet...

Jelly Beans

Juicy fruity chewy jelly beans full of colour.

Jelly Worms

Wriggly fruit flavoured jelly worms. Not just for the kids ....

Juicy Lips

Delicious juicy chewy soft cherry flavoured lips.

Liquorice Gums by Lions

Hard chewy liquorice flavoured gum by Lions. Considered the best quality. We get many compliments about Lions Gum Sweets. Ohh yes that's the one they are lovely.

Midget Gems by Lions

Midget Gems by Lions. Hard and chewy fruit flavoured gums and yes the one with the black liquorice gum in as well. Enjoy.

Sports Mix by Lions

Long lasting fruit flavoured hard gums in the shape of racquets, bats, balls. We get asked alot for these. The black ones are liquorice.

Twin Cherry Jelly

Delicious cherry flavoured twin cherry shaped jelly sweets.

Wine Gums

An old favourite gum with fab flavours.

Yellow Belly Snakes X 3 by Haribo

These will keep you going. Giant fruit flavoured jelly snake with a foam belly. Colours may vary. Approx 35cm in length. Price includes 3 snakes.
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