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Liquorice and Aniseed

Aniseed Twists

Delicious original Aniseed Twisted sweets.  If you love Aniseed you will love this sweet.  You may also like:- - Aniseed Balls - Aniseed Stick

Blackcurrant and Liquorice Wrapped

What a great combination of blackcurrant and liquorice all together in one great sweet. Type may vary.

Lions Liquorice Gums

Hard chewy liquorice flavoured gum by Lions.  Considered the best quality.  We get many compliments about Lions Gum Sweets.  Ohh yes that's the one they are lovely.

Liquorice 4 Catherine Wheels

Bag containing 4 Liquorice Catherine Wheels.  Thin strips of Bassetts liquorice wrapped around a jelly aniseed spog.

Liquorice Allsorts

Lovely chewy liquorice mix to include coconut rolls and jelly spogs.

Liquorice Bassetti 5 Liquorice sticks

Liquorice Bassetti Hard Liquorice sticks by bassetts.

Liquorice Comfits

Liquorice covered in crispy candy.

Liquorice Cream Rock

Fruit flavoured Cream centre wrapped with liquorice

Liquorice Pack

Lollies liquorice pack may usually includes catherine wheels, 2 liquorice sticks, bassetti and a liquorice wand.

Liquorice Root- Pack of 4

Natural liquorice root in a pack of 4 sticks. It doesn't get any more natural than that. Liquorice wood that you can chew.

Liquorice Torpedoes

Bigger than a Liquorice Comfit.  Crispy candy shell with a liquorice centre.

Liquorice Wands 5 in a bag

Soft twisted liquorice sticks with multi coloured hundreds and thousands on the end.  Four Wands in a bag.

Pontefract Cakes

Soft liquorice in the shape of a coin.

Salt Liquorice Joris Zout Hard Liquorice

Hard diamond shaped salted liquorice with Zout written on each piece. 
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