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Mint and Herbal

Army and Navy Sweets

Sugar coated lozenger with a strong liquorice flavour.  They used to be known as Paregoric.  The Army and Navy reference is apparently due to the fact that they had medicinal properties which assisted the troops in the First World War. If you like these you may also like:- - Grays Herbal Tablets - Winter Warmers - Winter Mixture

Black and White Mints

What a lovely mix.  Refreshing mint fondant layer and liquorice layer repeated. Perhaps more mint than liquorice..

Bronco Busters

An old favourite from Brays.  Delicous cough sweet aka Grandad Herbals.  You may also like:- - Grays Herbal Tablets - Winter Mix Can be supplied as a wrapped sweet.

Bulls Eyes

Beautiful round black and white striped strong flavoured mint.

Clove Balls

White and Red striped sweet with a strong clove flavour.  Lovely winter warmer.

Coltsfoot Rock Sticks

The history and popularity of this delicious product comes from its medicinal benefits; originally the leaves of the Coltsfoot plant were dried, then smoked and it is reported to have relieved asthma, while its juices soothed coughs. Price per 100g

Cough Candy Twist

Herbal flavoured hard boiled twisted sweet.  Great for coughs and colds.

Everton Mints

Black and White Striped Mint in wrapper.  

Grays Herbal Tablets

Distinctive flavour of a Grays Herbal Tablet.  Tablet shaped herbal boiled sweet. Great for sore throats.

Lossin Dant Welsh Mints

One of our best sellers. A mellow brown white mint wrapped in twist wrapped wax paper. The original welsh mint!

Menthol and Eucalyptus Xtra Strong

Brays Xtra Strong Menthol-yptus are a "blow your head off" menthol & eucalyptus flavour, which can help/be a perfect relief for blocked nose, head colds, chestiness and sore throats. Vapour menthol action.  Wrapped sweet.

Mint Imperials

White round mint with a hard shell and a softer chewy centre.

Mintoes Mints

Lovely buttery mint in a white and red wrapper.

Spearmint Chews

Delicious chewy mint with a cool spearmint flavour

Winter Mix

Mixture of some of our favourite boiled winter sweets. Contents may vary depending on availability.
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