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Soft and Chewy

Bon Bon Sour Blue Raspberry Chewy

Sour Blue Raspberry sugar coated dusted bon bon with a sour raspberry taste. Sold in quantities of 100g.

Bon Bons Assorted

Why not mix it up and have a selection of our Sugar Coated Chewy Fruit Bon Bons. Contents may vary but your mix could include Strawberry, Apple, Chocolate, Sour Raspberry, Vimto, Lemon, Toffee.

Bon Bons Cherry

Sugar dusted chewy cherry flavoured bon bons.

Bon Bons Lemon

Lemon Sugar Dusted Chewy centre bon bon. Sold in 100g quantities.

Bon Bons Strawberry

Sugar Dusted Strawberry flavoured with a traditional toffee centre

Bon Bons Toffee

Sugar coated dusted chewy centre toffee bon bon. Delicious and very morish. Sold in 100g Quantities.

Candy Sticks by Barratts

Used to be known as sweet cigarettes. Candy stick with a dusted coating by Barratts. You may also like:- - Dusted Milk Gums by Barratts Sold in 100g quantities.

Dolly Mixtures

Dolly Mixtures are such fun an assortment of colourful sweets to include jelly and chewy. We include these in our party cone bags. Sold in 100g quantities.

Edinburgh Rock by Gibbs

Soft and crumbly fruit flavoured chalky rock pieces that will melt in your mouth. Made by Gibbs.

Foam Soft Bananas Barratts

Soft foam sweet in a banana shape with a great banana flavour. You may also like Foam Soft Shrimps.

Fondant Roses

Beautiful sugared rose shaped sweets in different pastel colours.

Marshmallows Large pink and White

Soft and fluffy large marshmallows that are barrel shaped and pink and white in colour. Very Light and great toasted or in a hot chocolate!!

Milk Gums Dusted Original Barratts

The original dusted creamy milk flavoured soft chewy gums in the shape of a milk bottle. There are imposters out there!! Bassetts.

Milk Teeth Dusted Barratts

Teeth shape dusted soft chewy gum strawberry and vanilla flavoured. They're back!!

Mini Marshmallows Pink and White

Soft and fluffy mini marshmallows that are barrel shaped and pink and white in colour. Very Light and great on your hot chocolate or for cake decorating.

Soft Foam Shrimps

Soft foam shrimp shaped pink sweet. You may also like Soft foam Bananas.
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